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Usage of tricone bit

1. The proper Tricone bit box should choose, according to the recommended prepaid moment of connected thread put into make up torque, install the bit on the drill pipe or drill   tools. Be careful not to damage the bit or nozzle.

2. Regular the meter before tripping in the hold. No obstacle in the well.

3. The operation should stable, control the speed, to avoid Tricone bit touch the well wall.

4. When the bit is nearly close to the well bottom, slow down the tripping speed, not to stop suddenly, to avoid Tricone bit touch the well wall on the effect of inertia.

5. When the Tricone bit is nearly close to the well bottom, recycle the mud adequately, and begin the rotate and down.

6. When the Tricone bit reach the well bottom, small WOB with low rotate speed for more than 30 minutes. Fitting the bit bearing and the well bottom at the same time.

7. According to the characteristics of earth lithology, select WOB and speed according to "operation parameter table". During operation, the WOB and speed of  the Tricone bit should not exceed the nominal range.

8. During operation, the applied WOB should be even, not to apply WOB discontinuously. If need to stop, the Tricone bit should be stop after the pointer has return back.

9. There is rubber piece and lubricating grease in tricone bit, so it can not be stored in the open air, and be damp proof, the temperature should be 00C--400C. No welding, heating and other processing is permitted on bit.